by Marinelite Admin


Most photoluminescent Sign manufacturers use PVC materials. PVC is the single most damaging of all plastics. PVC has been proven to contaminate the environment throughout its lifecycle (production-use-disposal).

A substantial number of Ship Owners World Wide are now demanding PVC-free products as they become more environmentally responsible.

We use Totally Recyclable Photoluminescent Material that has:

* Superior long-term exterior performance – Utilising the latest UV resistant photoluminescent pigments and thermo-stable PET films, our photoluminescent material range will comfortably outlast traditional PVC photoluminescent materials and perform consistently over a wide temperature range without going brittle, shrinking or breaking down.

* Environmentally Friendly – Polyester contains no heavy metals, phthalates, plasticisers or halogens and is totally recyclable.

Marine Lite Ltd have been proactive in the use of PVC-free Photoluminescent products in the manufacturing of our Signs for over 3 years now.

We can also confirm that we use the only Non-PVC based Photoluminescent material (Jessup GloBrite) on the market that is accredited to Lloyds Register type approval Modules B and D and Lloyds Register Certificate of Fire Approval.

Tracey Montgomery
Managing Director 
Marine Lite Ltd

Jessup GloBrite Non-PVC Material