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Why Fire-fighting Equipment is Crucial for EVs

Fire-fighting equipment is vital for electric vehicles due to the unique fire risks associated with high-energy density lithium-ion batteries. Our safety signs make this equipment more visible and accessible, ensuring swift response and effective mitigation of potential incidents on ships.With the increase in EV transportation, clear and compliant signage is more important than ever.



Key Features of Our EV Car Safety Signs

  • Compliance with New Regulations: Our signs adhere to the latest SOLAS Chapter II-2 standards for EV safety, ensuring compliance for electric vehicles used in maritime operations.

  • Enhanced Visibility: High-contrast designs and clear, concise instructions maximize visibility and effectiveness in emergency situations.

  • Durable and Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand outdoor conditions, our signs maintain clarity and functionality over time.

  • Easy Installation: Simplified mounting options allow for quick and secure installation in various settings.



Generally, Fire-fighting equipment signs are used to indicate the exact location of the fire-fighting equipment, the type of equipment and any instructions for its effective and safe use.

The location of fixed and portable fire-fighting equipment and life-saving appliances should be clearly located at or near the equipment, at a height appropriate to the location of the equipment.