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Most photoluminescent Sign manufacturers use PVC materials. PVC is the single most damaging of all plastics. PVC has been proven to contaminate the environment throughout its lifecycle (production-use-disposal).

A substantial number of Ship Owners World Wide are now demanding PVC-free products as they become more environmentally responsible.

We use Totally Recyclable Photoluminescent Material that has:

* Superior long-term exterior performance – Utilising the latest UV resistant photoluminescent pigments and thermo-stable PET films, our photoluminescent material range will comfortably outlast traditional PVC photoluminescent materials and perform consistently over a wide temperature range without going brittle, shrinking or breaking down.

* Environmentally Friendly – Polyester contains no heavy metals, phthalates, plasticisers or halogens and is totally recyclable.

Marine Lite Ltd have been proactive in the use of PVC-free Photoluminescent products in the manufacturing of our Signs for over 3 years now.

We can also confirm that we use the only Non-PVC based Photoluminescent material (Jessup GloBrite) on the market that is accredited to Lloyds Register type approval Modules B and D and Lloyds Register Certificate of Fire Approval.

Tracey Montgomery
Managing Director 
Marine Lite Ltd

Jessup GloBrite Non-PVC Material

Marine Lite - Exhibits at the Posidonia 2016 Exhibition

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Marine Lite exhibits at the Posidonia 2016 – the World’s most prestigious Maritime Event from the 6th to the 10th of June 2016Marine Lite Corner

Marine Lite - Exhibits at the Europort 2015 Exhibition

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Marine Lite exhibited at the Europort Rotterdam 2015 – the largest maritime trade fair in the world on the 3-6 November 2015

Europort 2015

Approved Lloyds Service Supplier - Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting (LLL) Testing & Measurement

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On Board Luminance Measurement Service of Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting (LLL) System

Marine Lite Ltd. is proud to announce that it is now an Approved Lloyds Service Supplier for the onboard luminescent testing of PL (Photoluminescent) LLL Systems.

Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting (LLL)  Testing and Measurement

  • This service is executed on board by our qualified technicians according to the ISO 15370:2010 standards.
  • Our technicians are able to travel worldwide to enable you to meet the classification bodies requirements in a fast and cost effective way
  • The inspection and measurement reports on photoluminescent LLL systems are mandatory according to IMO resolution A.752(18)
  • These guidelines take into account the Approval, Installation and Maintenance of LLL required by regulations II-2/28, paragraph 1.10 and II-2/41-2, paragraph 4.7 of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, as amended, on all passenger ships carrying more than 36 passengers, to readily identify the passengers route of escape when the normal emergency lighting is less than effective due to smoke.

Marine Lite - now represents Cape Lite K.A.N. Marine Services Exclusively

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Marine Lite Ltd. now exclusively represent the company Cape Lite K.A.N. Maritime Services, a Worldwide Maritime Service Supplier for the provision and maintenance of safety, fire fighting equipments and life saving appliances on different types of ships. 

Having a long standing experience in this field, a significant number of international representations and the accreditations by the most important qualification societies, factories and organizations via their international network.

Focusing on the education and constant training of our staff, we manage to ensure that we stay up-to-date on regulations set by International Maritime Organization and the every-day changing demands of the Shipping Industry.


Marine Lite - Exhibits at the Posidonia 2014 Exhibition

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Marine Lite exhibited at the Posidonia 2014 – the World’s most prestigious Maritime Event on the 2-6 June 2014

Posidonia 2014

Marine Lite - Moves to New Premises Olympiton 17 Kaminia Pireaus

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Our business platform is built on taking a long term view of our clients needs, and ensuring that our organisation is structured and equipped to meet them.

Taking this into mind Marine Lite expanded its manufacturing facility in April of 2014 - moving into a state of the art facility, which makes it possible to offer thousands of stock safety aboard signs and hundreds of stock product safety decals, available for immediate shipment.


Marine Lite & Jessup Manufacturing

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We at Marine Lite Ltd (IMO Safety Signs) are proud to announce our collaboration with Jessup Manufacturing- one of the world’s leading manufacturers in MED (Ships Wheel) Approved Glo Brite Photoluminescent films & Highly durable Approved Anti-slip products

Our Supplier of Photoluminescent material and Anti-Slip Products is key to Marine Lite’s ability to reliably fulfill our Mission to enable us to provide Approved, high quality reliable products to our customers.

It is our expectation that suppliers will develop robust processes, actively maintain these processes to provide superior approved quality products and services, and collaborate with Marine Lite to identify and capitalize on opportunities to continually improve the quality of the products and services they provide. This we have found in our collaboration with Jessup Manufacturing.

We look at our collaboration with Jessup Manufacturing as an extension of our operations. Supplier Quality is integral to the success of our business, and most importantly to the Customers we serve.


Marine Lite - Exhibits at the 25th SMM exhibition 2012 Hamburg

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Marine Lite exhibited at the 25th Exhibition held on the 4-7 September 2012 in Hamburg - Germany


SMM 2012