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In nearly every machine, fuel, lube– and hydraulic oil are the relevant liquids. Martechnic® developes and represents products, which make it possible for engineers and users, to analyze the oil condition easy. 

Particularly, the parameters water content, viscosity, density & alcalinity are in the forefront to guarentee a frictionless operation of the engine and to safe costs.

Portable test devices make it possible to test the oil directly and assess the oil condition, to make important decisions regarding the maintenance or repair tasks.

The adequate equipment makes the handling and sampling in reference to MARPOL Annex VI easy.

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Test Kit Cleaner
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Used to clean all test kit equipment.

Solution W
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Reagent for Salt Water Test / Salt Contamination Test.

Distilled Water
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Used in Iron Check

ALCA Soloution
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Used in BN Check

WA-SOL® Water-in-Oil Reagent Composition Kit By developing the new test reagent WA-SOL®, Martechnic® achieves a top in the Test Reagent...

SAMPLING EQUIPMENT Sample Bottles and Accessories according to MEPC.96 (47) Martechnic® provides several HDPE (polyethylene) sample bottles for...

WIO CHECK Water in Oil Measuring Device WIO Check has been developed to check the water content of fuel or lube oil on board. If this is too high...

T140 - IRON CHECK - Chemical Iron Analysis
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Referring to the significance of iron in lube oil, especially with regard to cylinder drain oil, Martechnic® has developed an easy to handle iron test....

LUBE OIL CHECK 5 VARIO – Lube Oil Test Kit for 5 different tests The LUBE OIL CHECK 5 is portable analysis equipment and allows efficient...

T352 - Compatibility & Density check
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COMPATIBILITY TEST Heavy fuel oil is often a mixture of different fuel oils and during the mix or storage it is possible that sludge or asphalt...

TWIN CHECK Electronic Water-in-Oil / BN Test device TWIN CHEK was developed to measure water in oil and rest alkalinity in oil simple and in a...

VISCO CYLINDER STANDARD/ LOWVIS Electronic Falling Ball Viscosity Measuring Device The VISCO CYLINDER consists of a metal tube, which is closed by two...